New Book: Spinoza Beyond Philosophy

I’m pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of Spinoza Beyond Philosophy, a book of essays based on the research of the Spinoza Research Network, published by Edinburgh University Press. 

The 10 chapters form a coherent collection based on papers presented at the two Network conferences, “Spinoza and Bodies”  and “Spinoza and Texts”. In keeping with the Network’s overall purpose, the book brings together Spinoza researchers from disciplines beyond Philosophy – including English, Musicology, Politics, History, and Architecture. The book also features original artwork from Network members who are artists.

A discount flyer for pre-ordering the book is available here, valid until 30 June: SBP Flyer.

Contents: Introduction (Beth Lord)
1. ‘Subjectivity without the subject’: Thinking beyond the subject with/through Spinoza (Caroline Williams)
2. Spinoza’s Non-Humanist Humanism (Michael Mack)
3. The Ethical Relation of Bodies: Thinking with Spinoza Towards an Affective Ecology (Anthony Paul Smith)
4. Spinoza’s architectural passages and geometric comportments (Peg Rawes)
5. The Secret History of Musical Spinozism (Amy Cimini)
Interlude: Lance Brewer, Christina Rawls, Shelley Campbell
6. Thinking the Future: Spinoza’s Political Ontology Today (Mateusz Janik)
7. Spinoza’s Empty Law: The Possibility of Political Theology (Dimitris Vardoulakis)
8. Which Radical Enlightenment?: Spinoza, Jacobinism, and Black Jacobinism (Nick Nesbitt)
9. George Eliot, Spinoza and the Ethics of Literature (Simon Calder)
10. Coleridge’s Ecumenical Spinoza (Nicholas Halmi)

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