Spinoza, the Infinite, and the Eternal – audio

You can listen to all the papers from the May 2012 conference here. Papers by Alan Nelson and Clare Carlisle are approximately 60 minutes each. All others are approximately 40 minutes each.

Valtteri Viljanen (Turku), “Spinoza on Virtue and Eternity”

Justin Steinberg (CUNY), “From Here to Eternity: Spinoza on Temporary Encounters with Eternality”

Daniel Whistler (Liverpool), “How Speak of Eternity? The Rhetoric of Ethics Part V”

Clare Carlisle (Kings College London), “Eternal Life: The Radical Theology of Ethics V”

John Grey (Boston), “Spinoza’s Analogy of Parthood in Ethics V” [due to a technical problem the end of this paper is missing]

Emily Thomas (Cambridge), “Eternity in Spinoza and Samuel Alexander”

Alan Nelson (University of North Carolina), “Grades of Infinity”

Noa Shein (Ben Gurion University of the Negev), “Necessarily Always a Bit Confused”

Mike LeBuffe (TexasA&M), “The Dictates of Reason and Ethics 5P7”  PDF Handout

Daniel Schneider (Wisconsin), “Why Explaining Duration in the Ethics takes an Eternity”

Lisete Rodrigues (Lisbon), “Eternity as a political concept”


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