Special issue of Intellectual History Review: Galileo and Spinoza

Edited by SRN member Filip Buyse.

“Galileo and Spinoza: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives”, Franco Biasutti
“Spinoza’s Library: The Mathematical and Scientific Works”, Henri Krop
“Spinoza, Boyle, Galileo: Was Spinoza a Strict Mechanical Philosopher?”, Filip Buyse
“Instruments and the Making of a Philosopher. Spinoza’s Career in Optics”, Rienk Vermij
“Galileo and Spinoza on the Continuity of Matter”, Epaminondas Vampoulis
“Spinoza and Galileo: Nature and Transcendence”, Herman De Dijn
“Spinoza, Critic of Galileo”, Pietro Redondi
“Galileo and Spinoza: The Science of Naturalizing Scripture”, Tamar Rudavsky
“Joseph Solomon Delmedigo: Student of Galileo, Teacher of Spinoza”, Jacob Adler

All articles are available through open access: www.tandfonline.com/toc/rihr20/current 


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