This is the first post of seven comprising a Spinoza Week over on architectural blog The Funambulist.

The Funambulist

spinoza bill

Today, I am starting a series of articles about 17th century Portuguese-Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza and thus dedicates to his work a ‘week’ like I did two years ago for Gilles Deleuze and last year for Michel Foucault.

This section will attempt to show how 17th-century Portugese-Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza can supply a terminology, or rather a conceptology to extend the sharp analysis of capitalism made by Karl Marx in the 19th century to its neo-liberal version we have been experiencing for the last thirty years. In order to do so, I would use a particular chapter from the book Capitalisme, désir et servitude: Marx et Spinoza (Capitalism, Desire and Servitude, Marx and Spinoza) written by Frédéric Lordon and published by the always excellent La Fabrique in 2010.

In this book, Lordon depicts, among other things, two important paradigm shifts in capitalism that occurred since the publication of Das…

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