Seminar on Radical and Conservative Thinkers in the Enlightenment (Poland)

From October 2013 to June 2015, the History of Philosophy section of the Department of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, is organizing a seminar on radical and conservative thinkers in the Enlightenment, and their influence on contemporary philosophical and political thought. In particular, aspects concerning the relation between religion and state will be emphasized in the course of the seminar.

Keynote speakers include: Mark Curran (London), Jonathan Israel (Princeton), Margaret Jacob (Los Angeles), Stanislaw Janeczek (Lublin), Sabina Kruszynska (Gdansk), Beth Lord (Aberdeen/Dundee), Barbara Markiewicz (Warsaw), Steven Nadler (Wisconsin-Madison), Bert van Roermund (Tilburg), James Schmidt (Boston), Jens Timmermann (St Andrews), Kenneth Westphal (East Anglia), Howard Williams (Wales), Jolanta Zelazna (Torun).

Everyone interested – students and staff – is invited to participate in the seminar. For details regarding each session, topics and dates of the lectures of speakers, please contact the organizers: Justyna Miklaszewska ( and Anna Tomaszewska (

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