New journal: Journal of Early Modern Studies

The Journal of Early Modern Studies is a new journal published by Zeta Books and is seeking contributions. More information about submissions and current issue from the Zeta Books website.

The Journal of Early Modern Studies is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal of intellectual history, dedicated to the exploration of the interactions between philosophy, science and religion in Early Modern Europe. It aims to respond to the growing awareness within the scholarly community of an emerging new field of research that crosses the boundaries of the traditional disciplines and goes beyond received historiographic categories and concepts.

JEMS publishes high-quality articles reporting results of research in intellectual history, history of philosophy and history of early modern science, with a special interest in cross-disciplinary approaches. It furthermore aims to bring to the attention of the scholarly community as yet unexplored topics, which testify to the multiple intellectual exchanges and interactions between Eastern and Western Europe during the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The main language of the journal is English, although contributions in French are also accepted.

Editors: Vlad Alexandrescu (University of Bucharest), Dana Jalobeanu (University of Bucharest).

Book review editor: Sorana Corneanu (University of Bucharest)

Editorial board: Igor Agostini (University of Salento); Peter Anstey (University of Otago); Roger Ariew (University of South Florida); Daniel Garber (Princeton University); Peter Harrison (University of Queensland); Christoph Lüthy (Radboud University Nijmegen); Koen Vermeir (C.N.R.S., Paris).

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