Spinoza’s Web: information sought

Message follows from Jeroen M. M. van de Ven. Please respond to him if interested: J.M.M.vandeVen@uu.nl

“I would like to call upon all Spinoza scholars to send me information of known copies of Spinoza’s work, 1663 up to 1796, preserved in libraries around the world and, more importantly, surviving copies kept in private collections.

This all will contribute to a new descriptive bibliography of Spinoza’s works I am preparing for the Dutch NWO-funded project ‘Spinoza’s Web’ (under supervision of Prof dr P.L.M. Steenbakkers).

Of course, I did a lot of research in locating copies in the greater libraries, but I am also interested in copies preserved in smaller libraries and institutions, museums or private collections.

All information will be dealt with confidentially. Should scholars, particularly bibliographers, be interested in cooperation and willing to provide with information on copies extant, they can send me an email at the following address:


For now, I would like to know in principle only:

  •  the complete text of the title page of a copy, its location and shelf number.

If interested, scholars are invited to act as contributors to the bibliography.


Dr Jeroen M. M. van de Ven
Postdoc researcher (NWO project ‘Spinoza’s Web’)
Utrecht University
Faculty of Humanities
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies.”

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