The Spinoza Explosion

SRN member Herb Roseman has written a program called the Spinoza Explosion. This program takes any element of the Ethics and either explodes it backward to every element that is needed for its logical proof or forward to every proposition that requires the element for its proof.

He has made the program available on his website. Message from Herb follows:

“Since humans are visually oriented, the logical flow of the Ethics can be better understood if it is depicted graphically. There are several examples of graphical representations of the five Parts of the Ethics on the Web, but because of the large number of elements and the complexity of their interactions using these representations can be inconvenient. (There are representations of Parts 1-3 on my website.)

Spinoza_Explosion is a Python 2.7 script that can be used interactively to create representations focused on single elements of the Ethics. There are two types of “explosions:” forward and backward.  Forward creates a graphical representation of all propositions that directly or indirectly require the element for its proof. Backward creates a representation of all elements (propositions, definitions, axioms, etc) directly or indirectly necessary for the proof of the selected element.

Documentation for the program and the program itself can be downloaded by navigating to the Spinoza Project on my website: If there are any questions please contact”

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