Scottish Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy VII


5-6 May 2016

Keynote Speakers:

Matthew Daniel Eddy (Durham)

Sylvana Tomaselli (Cambridge)



Thursday, 5 May

9.00-9.15     Welcome and Coffee.

Session I: Hobbes and Locke

9.15-10.00     Maximilian Jaede (St. Andrews), Hobbes’s Critique of Natural Sociability Reconsidered

10.00-10.45   Tim Stuart-Buttle (Cambridge), Locke on the “Two Provinces of Knowledge

10.45-11.00     Break

Session II: Cambridge Platonism

11.00-11.45     Matthew Leisinger (Yale), Cudworth’s Moral Vision

11.45-12.30     Christ Meyns (Cambridge/University College London), Henry More against Monopsychism

12.30-14.00     Lunch

Keynote 1

14.00-15.00     Sylvana Tomaselli (Cambridge), Women and Political Philosophy in Les siècles de la femme

15.00-15.30     Break

Session III: Spinoza

15.30-16.15     Alex Silverman (Chicago), The Disappearance of “Substance”: A Textual Oddity in Spinoza’s Corpus

16.15-17.00     Alexander Douglas (Heythrop College/St. Andrews), Spinoza and Money

17.00-17.15     Break

Special Session: SSEMP Essay Prize winner

17.15-18.00     Takaharu Oda (Groningen), Berkeley’s Arguable Concurrentism


Friday, 6 May

9.30-9.45       Coffee

Session IV: Bayle and Leibniz

9.45-10.30       Mara van der Lugt (Göttingen), Pain, Pessimism and the Problem of Evil in Pierre Bayle’s Dictionnaire (1696)

10.30-11.15     Christopher Noble (Villanova), Leibniz on Knowledge and Action in Essais de théodicée, § 403.

11.15-11.30     Break

Keynote 2

11.30-12.30     Matthew Daniel Eddy (Durham), Children, Science, and the Graphic Foundations of Reason, 1760-1800

12.30-14.00     Lunch

Session V: The Scottish Enlightenment

14.00-14.45     Alessio Vaccari (Sapienza, Rome), Hume on Resentment, Justice, and the Origins of Society

14.45-15.30     Sonia Boussange-Andrei (Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne), On Adam Ferguson’s Critique of Adam Smith’s Theory of Sympathy

15.30-16.00     Break

Session VI: The French Enlightenment

16.00-16.45     Jeremy Dunham (Sheffield), Condillac on the Acquisition of Cognitive Habits

16.45-17.30     Jared Holley (Chicago), Refined Epicureanism and Rousseau’s Political Thought



James Harris (University of St. Andrews) Mogens Lærke (CNRS, UMR 5317, ENS de Lyon)


The event is sponsored by:

Scots Philosophical Association

Institute for Intellectual History, St. Andrews Philosophy department, St. Andrews British Society for the History of Philosophy (BSHP) IHRIM, UMR 5317, ENS de Lyon


For further information, please write Mogens Laerke ( or James Harris (

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