Pre-doctoral grant in Early Modern Philosophy (Brussels)

Within the ARC project directed by Arnaud Pelletier, professor for philosophy at the ULB, Brussels, Belgium (, there is a vacancy for one eight-month “Seed-Money” grant for preparing a PhD project on any aspect of early modern philosophy (roughly from Descartes to Kant).

The topic is up to the applicant: it could touch, for example but with no limitation, the issue of practical reason before Kant (which is related to the ARC project). In any case, the project should be original and feasible. Decision will be made only on the basis of the overall quality of the application.

The applicant will have to develop his/her initial project by writing a detailed state of the art and by undertaking preliminary investigations. The objective is to write, in the course or at the end of the grant, an application for a fully funded three- or four-year PhD grant at the Belgian National Funds for Scientific Research (FNRS) or at the ULB. The candidate will work under the supervision of Arnaud Pelletier; s/he will be part of the Research Center in Philosophy (; s/he will have to participate in the activities of the Center and of the Research Group in Modern Philosophy; s/he will have to involve in other scientific activities (publishing book reviews, presenting papers at a conference, starting the writing of an article, etc.). The thesis can be written in French or in English

Requirements:    – MA in Philosophy (passed between June 2014 and October 1, 2016)

– very good grades in all courses

Duration: 8 months, from October 1, 2016 to June 1, 2017

Amount: ca. € 1880,00 (netto) per month (for EU citizens; approx. € 15 000, 00 for 8 months)

Applicants should send, in French or in English, the following files to

1)            a cover letter (explaining the applicant’s adequacy with the topic s/he wants to work on)

2)            a detailed CV (including an academic transcript mentioning all grades)

3)            a brief doctoral project (4 pages + bibliography)

4)            a writing sample (about 10 pages, possibly from the Master thesis)

For all practicalities, non-Belgian candidates can benefit from the support of the ULB Welcome Desk for international researchers.


Applications must be sent before September 3, 2016. For any further information, please feel free to contact Arnaud Pelletier (

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