Martin Lin at Paris 8

This Thursday Feb. 8th, Professor Martin LIN (Rutgers University) will be at the Université Paris 8 for a talk entitled:

“What are Modes for Spinoza?”

The talk will take place from 18h-20h (room J103) and will be in English. The Université Paris 8 can be accessed with metro line 13. All are welcome, the more merrier!



*JEUDI 08 FÉVRIER 2018, 18H-20H*

*Université Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis, Salle J103*

*Martin LIN*

*« What are modes for Spinoza?** »*

According to Spinoza, every particular finite thing, including human bodies and minds, are modes of a single substance, God or Nature. But what does this curious doctrine mean? On the standard interpretation, modes are properties that inhere in and are predicated of substance. Human bodies and minds, however, are concrete particulars. How could they inhere in and be predicated of anything? In this paper, I argue that Spinozistic modes are not properties. Rather they are dependent concrete objects that inhere in but are not predicated of substance.

Martin Lin is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. He is the author of *Being and Reason: an Essay on Spinoza’s Metaphysics *(forthcoming) and papers about metaphysics and philosophy of mind in the seventeenth century.

*Séminaire International et Interdisciplinaire de Recherches Spinozistes* <> *(intégralité des séances en ligne)*

*Organisé par **Charles Ramond* <> *et **Jack

Stetter* <> *avec le soutien de l’EA 4008 LLCP*.

*Responsable Audio-Vidéo* *Carmen Alves* <>.

02, rue de la Liberté, Saint-Denis (93). Métro « Saint-Denis Université ».


Entrée libre. Se munir d’une pièce d’identité.

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