About the Spinoza Research Network

The Spinoza Research Network website is no longer maintained and is no longer accepting posts. Please join the Spinoza Research Network Facebook group to share and discuss news of Spinoza events and projects.

The Spinoza Research Network was set up in 2008 and funded by an AHRC Networks Grant between 2008 and 2010 at the University of Dundee. The funded project focused on contemporary interdisciplinary connections to seventeenth-century philosopher Baruch Spinoza and built up a membership of over 200 members in Philosophy, Politics, Law, Literature, Music, Psychology, History, Medicine, Gender Studies, Education, and many other academic and non-academic disciplines.

After the expiry of the grant, the Network continued as an interdisciplinary group of academics, students, and others interested in Spinoza around the world. Working together, sharing research and developing new projects, we investigate how Spinoza is used both within philosophy and beyond it, both inside and outside of academia. From 2013 to 2020 the Network was based at the University of Aberdeen.

Project Director

Dr. Beth Lord
Professor of Philosophy
School of Divinity, History and Philosophy
University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen, Scotland
AB24 3UB

Twitter: @ProfBethLord