Beth Lord at the Aristotelian Society

Beth Lord (University of Aberdeen) is presenting a paper at the Aristotelian Society on “Disagreement in the Political Philosophy of Spinoza and Ranciere”, Monday 14 November, 5:30 PM at Senate House in London.

Full details, and a draft of the paper, are available on the Aristotelian Society website.

Podcast of this paper available here: http://backdoorbroadcasting.net/2016/11/beth-lord-disagreement-in-the-political-philosophy-of-spinoza-and-ranciere/

Spinoza at Paris 8: Podcasts

Podcasts are available from the Spinoza France-Etats Unis conference in Paris, and a series of seminars on Spinoza at Universite de Paris 8.

There are papers from many prominent French and US Spinoza scholars – too many to name!


Podcasts from Spinoza and Proportion Conference

Equalities of Wellbeing in Philosophy and Architecture

Podcasts are now available for all the papers from the recent Spinoza and Proportion conference at the University of Aberdeen. The links below enable you to hear the papers and to see corresponding visuals of the speakers’ on-screen presentations.

Simon Duffy (Yale-NUS College, Singapore), “Proportion as a barometer of the affective life in Spinoza”

Valtteri Viljanen (University of Turku), “Spinoza’s ontology geometrically illustrated: a reading of Ethics 2P8S”

Anthony Uhlmann (University of Western Sydney), “‘The eyes of the mind’: ratio and art in Spinoza and Swift”

Timothy Yenter (University of Mississippi), “Harmony in Spinoza and his critics”

Beth Lord (University of Aberdeen), “Spinoza’s ratios and relational autonomy”

Heidi Ravven (Hamilton College), “Ratio and activity: Spinoza’s biologizing of the mind in an Aristotelian key”

Mike LeBuffe (University of Otago ), “The place of body in Spinoza’s metaphysics”

Helene Frichot (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), “Slownesses and Speeds, Latitudes and Longitudes: In the…

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Audio: Spinoza and Nietzsche in Dialogue

Audio podcasts from the Spinoza and Nietzsche in Dialogue conference, held recently at Birkbeck College London, are available online here:



Moira Gatens and Paul PattonThe Exemplar in Spinoza and Nietzsche

Donald RutherfordPerfectionism in Spinoza and Nietzsche

Hannah Grosse Wiesmann  – Spinoza’s Conatus and Nietzsche’s Will to Power: Self-Preservation vs. Increase of Power?

Martin SaarAnother Radical Enlightenment? Spinoza and Nietzsche on Power and Knowledge

Alexander Douglas and Christoph SchuringaSpinoza and Nietzsche On Valuing

Encountering the Author podcasts: Susan James at University of Western Sydney

Podcasts are available from a recent event at the University of Western Sydney.

Encountering the Author

Professor Susan James on her 2012 book Spinoza on Philosophy, Religion and Politics: The Theologico-Political Treatise, with responses from Genevieve Lloyd, Michael Rosenthal, and Dimitris Vardoulakis.

Earlier relevant Encountering the Author events are also listed on the site.


Spinoza, the Infinite, and the Eternal – audio

You can listen to all the papers from the May 2012 conference here. Papers by Alan Nelson and Clare Carlisle are approximately 60 minutes each. All others are approximately 40 minutes each.

Valtteri Viljanen (Turku), “Spinoza on Virtue and Eternity”

Justin Steinberg (CUNY), “From Here to Eternity: Spinoza on Temporary Encounters with Eternality”

Daniel Whistler (Liverpool), “How Speak of Eternity? The Rhetoric of Ethics Part V”

Clare Carlisle (Kings College London), “Eternal Life: The Radical Theology of Ethics V”

John Grey (Boston), “Spinoza’s Analogy of Parthood in Ethics V” [due to a technical problem the end of this paper is missing]

Emily Thomas (Cambridge), “Eternity in Spinoza and Samuel Alexander”

Alan Nelson (University of North Carolina), “Grades of Infinity”

Noa Shein (Ben Gurion University of the Negev), “Necessarily Always a Bit Confused”

Mike LeBuffe (TexasA&M), “The Dictates of Reason and Ethics 5P7”  PDF Handout

Daniel Schneider (Wisconsin), “Why Explaining Duration in the Ethics takes an Eternity”

Lisete Rodrigues (Lisbon), “Eternity as a political concept”

spinoza and texts: audio

Posted below is the audio from the recent ‘Spinoza and Texts’ conference held at the University of Dundee.

Dimitris Vardoulakis (University of Western Sydney), “The Politics of the Text: Writing and Singularity in Spinoza”


Peg Rawes (University College London), “Spinoza’s architectural passages: drawing out geometric comportments”


Nicholas Halmi (Oxford), “Coleridge’s Ecumenical Spinoza”


Nick Nesbitt (Aberdeen), “Natura naturans: The Spinozian Foundations of the Haitian Revolution”


Simon Calder (Cambridge), “George Eliot, Spinoza, and the Ethics of Literature”


Amy Cimini (New York University), “The Secret History of Musical Spinozism”