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This page documents past events organized under the auspices of the Spinoza Research Network funded project.

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Past event: Spinoza, the Infinite, and the Eternal

11-12 May 2012, University of Dundee

2012 Conference of the British Society for the History of Philosophy

Clare Carlisle (Kings College London), “Eternal Life: The Radical Theology of Ethics V”
Alan Nelson (University of North Carolina), “Grades of Infinity”
John Grey (Boston), “Spinoza’s Analogy of Parthood in Ethics V”
Julie R. Klein (Villanova), “Spinoza’s Gersonidean Eternity of the Mind”
Mike LeBuffe (TexasA&M), “The Dictates of Reason and Ethics 5P7”
Lisete Rodrigues (Lisbon), “Eternity as a political concept”
Noa Shein (BenGurionUniversityof theNegev), “Necessarily Always a Bit Confused”
Daniel Schneider (Wisconsin), “Why Explaining Duration in the Ethics takes an Eternity”
Justin Steinberg (CUNY), “From Here to Eternity: Spinoza on Temporary Encounters with Eternality”
Emily Thomas (Cambridge), “Eternity in Spinoza and Samuel Alexander”
Valtteri Viljanen (Turku), “Spinoza on Virtue and Eternity”
Daniel Whistler (Liverpool), “How Speak of Eternity? The Rhetoric of Ethics Part V”

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Past Event: Spinoza and Texts conference

7-8 April 2010, University of Dundee

Dimitris Vardoulakis (University of Western Sydney), “The Politics of the Text: Writing and Singularity in Spinoza”
Peg Rawes (University College London), “Spinoza’s architectural passages: drawing out geometric comportments”
Nicholas Halmi (Oxford), “Coleridge’s Ecumenical Spinoza”
Nick Nesbitt (Aberdeen), “Natura naturans: The Spinozian Foundations of the Haitian Revolution”
Simon Calder (Cambridge), “George Eliot, Spinoza, and the Ethics of Literature”
Amy Cimini (New York University), “The Secret History of Musical Spinozism”

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Past Event: Spinoza and Bodies conference

10-11 September, 2009, University of Dundee

Daniel Selcer (Duquesne), “Singular Things and Spanish Poets: Spinoza on Corporeal Individuation”
Caroline Williams (Queen Mary University of London), “Reconfiguring Body and Mind: Thinking Beyond the Subject with/through Spinoza”
Michael Mack (Nottingham), “Spinoza and Freud, or how to be mindful of the mind”
Eric Schliesser (Leiden), “Spinoza’s criticism of mathematical science”
Anthony Paul Smith (Nottingham/DePaul), “The Ethical Relation of Bodies: Thinking with Spinoza towards an Affective Ecology”
Mateusz Janik (Polish Academy of Sciences), “Thinking the Future -Spinoza’s Political Ontology Today”

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Past Event: Thinking with Spinoza: Politics, Philosophy and Religion

Conference held at Birkbeck College, University of London, May 2009

Podcasts for this event can be found HERE.