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Ethica – a multimedia project

NB: this is a previously published post, which is being re-posted to adapt to the new website format.

Patrick Fontana, a multimedia artist based in Paris, is working on a digital installation around Spinoza’s Ethics. He describes the project as follows:

“As part of this installation, I would make a video of Ethics, read and commented on by a united international community of philosophers who work on Spinoza, sharing their knowledge of Spinoza, for the first time, on a video. The recordings will be in the language of each participant. This manual video will be available, both in the installation itself and the internet, available to researchers, students, public interest in Spinoza’s Ethics.”

The project has the support of ENS and CERPHI, and has received funding from the National Centre for French Cinema. 75 international Spinozists have already agreed to participate. Each participant chooses up to five passages (propositions, axioms, etc.) from the Ethics to read and comment on.

Further information about the project (in French) can be found here.

To see other examples of Patrick Fontana’s philosophical multimedia work, visit